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How to use rice water for hair growth: Best 3 ways, benefits & more

Hair has an impact on your looks, personality and confidence. As time passes by, the quality of hair degrades. There are several reasons for demeaning hair quality, such as lifestyle, genetics, hormonal imbalance, hair care routine, aggressive chemical treatments, etc.

According to studies, losing 50-100 stands of hair is normal. Our body sheds millions of cells everyday; similarly, our hair also sheds. However, the problem arises when hair does not grow back or hair growth activity slows down. That leads to hair loss, bald patches, hair thinning, alopecia, etc.
Hair growth depends on both internal and external factors. Internal factors such as diet, lifestyle, and stress levels and external factors like hair care products, hair care routine and treatments contribute a lot to your hair health.

Today, in this blog, I will share one such hair growth recipe that will provide extraordinary results to your hair if you incorporate this in your hair care regime. The ingredient is very convenient, available in the kitchen and is a leftover.
Please read till the end to understand the complete guide.

Rice Water

In recent years, rice water has gained popularity through out the world for its hair growth capabilities. Interestingly, this rice water also has a rich history. Women in South Asian countries like Japan and China have very long hair, and those women used to wash their hair with rice water and have used this hair treatment for hundreds of years.

Presently, in Huangluo, China, there is a community of people referred to as ‘Yao’, who still use rice water as hair treatment. These women are famous for having long, thick, healthy hair. Every Yao woman has an average of 6 feet long hair. Their hair is very pigmented, and it takes until their 80s to get grey hair (source).
That was the history of rice water.

Benefits of rice water for hair

rice water for hair growth,
rice water for hair,
hair growth,
benefits of rice water for hair

Rich in nutrients:

Rice water is rich in essential and non-essential amino acids required for maintaining hair health. It is rich in B Vitamins like Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 and vitamin E, which offers nourishment. Some minerals found in rice water are phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. All these nutrients help promote healthy hair, leading to hair growth.

Strengthening property

Proline and methionine are two amino acids in rice water, which help strengthen the hair stands, leaving hair soft, smooth and less prone to breakage. It also helps prevent split ends.

Improves elasticity

Rice water contains protein, an essential amino acid that helps enhance hair’s elasticity, preventing hair fall.

Delays greying of hair

Rice water is a rich source of antioxidants. The antioxidants fight against the free radicles, which encourages premature grey hair. Regular use of rice water to the hair can delay the greying process.

Anti-inflammatory property

An inflamed scalp leads to hair fall. Rice water has an incredible anti-inflammatory property, which helps soothe the scalp. It also reduces dandruff and relieves itchiness.

Natural hair conditioner

Rice water is a natural hair conditioner, and its regular application makes hair silky and manageable, gives incredible shine and makes hair voluminous.

How does rice water help with hair growth?

Apart from all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, rice water contains a compound called inositol (basically a carbohydrate), which penetrates the hair and offers nourishment, according to the study.
Thus, hair gets resilient from root to tip, leading to less shedding and rapid hair growth. It maintains hair’s elasticity and reduces friction between the hair, reducing tangles and hair breakage.

3 Ways to use rice water for hair growth

rice water for hair growth,
rice water for hair,
hair growth,
benefits of rice water for hair

Rice water tonic for hair growth

This is a convenient way of making rice water for hair growth.

Ingredients: rice water and essential oil (optional)


Take 1/2-1 cup of rice thoroughly and then soak the rice for half an hour or overnight.
After soaking, strain the water and transfer it into a spray bottle.
To boost the antioxidant content in rice water, you can keep this for another 12-14 hours for fermentation and then use it. Additionally, you can add a few drops of any essential oil (I prefer using rosemary essential oil)to the water to double the benefits.


  • You can use this recipe as a hair growth tonic
  • Make sure your scalp is clean and free from any debris.
  • Section your hair and detangle gently.
  • Spray the rice water on the scalp and massage it lightly.
  • Let the water dry by itself, and you are good to go.
  • Use this rice water tonic twice every day for visible changes.

Cooked rice water hair mask for hair growth

Ingredients: cooked rice water, pomelo or orange peels


Cook the rice as usual, then strain the water into a container using a fine sieve or cheesecloth and wait until it cools down to room temperature. Add pomelo peel or orange peel to the water and let it ferment for 10-15 days.


  • You can use this as a pre-hair mask or post-shampoo hair mask. I prefer using it as a shampoo hair mask.
  • Detangle your hair and apply this water from roots to tips, ensuring not a single part of part is remaining.
  • Keep the water on your hair for 20-25 minutes, and make sure you cover your head after applying the mask.
  • Wash it with regular shampoo, and you can feel the difference.
  • Use this recipe every time before shampooing. This recipe will give a conditioning effect, making hair soft, smooth, silky and easily manageable.

Rice water for hair rinse

rice water for hair growth,
rice water for hair,
hair growth,
benefits of rice water for hair

This recipe is very effortless, and you can use it after shampoo.

Ingredients: Rice water


Rinse the rice water thoroughly and add water to the rice water, allowing it to soak for 15-30 minutes and use it water after shampooing.


  • After shampooing, pour the rice water slowly, ensuring that it covers the entire hair length.
  • Keep the water in the hair for a few minutes, allowing hair to absorb the nutrients, and then wash it off with regular shampoo.

How long does rice water take to see results for hair growth?

Individual experience may vary, but a consistent use of rice water for 2-3 months can get you the results.
I have been using rice water regularly for three months and have noticed a significant difference in my hair texture. My hair has also become smooth and manageable, accelerating the hair growth activity.

Side effects of rice water for hair?

There are no such side effects of using rice water on the hair, but if you have any scalp condition like seborrheic dermatitis or eczema, consult with an expert before applying rice water.
Always perform a patch test before any tropical application.

How to use rice water for hair growth: Frequently Asked Questions

Can rice water be used for all hair types?

Yes, rice water can be used for all hair types. However, the result may vary to individuals.

Can I use rice water with other ingredients?

Yes, you can mix rice water with other ingredients for double benefits.
If you use rice water hair tonic, you can add any essential oil to the recipe.
If you use cooked rice water as a hair mask, you can use pomelo peel or orange peel as the authentic recipe.

How often to use rice water for hair growth?

Use the mentioned rice water tonic twice a day for a few months for visible hair growth.
For silky, smooth, and tangle-free hair, use the rice water mask every time before you shampoo your hair.

Should I rinse out the rice water or leave it overnight?

If you use rice water for hair growth, You do not need to wash your hair; Simply apply, massage, and let it dry.

Does rice water remove dandruff?

Rice water has anti-inflammatory properties, which reduce the inflammation caused by dandruff and relieve itchiness.


This blog is very special to me as rice water is one of my favourite ingredients for hair. This all-in-one ingredient is rich in nutrients, which are extremely beneficial for hair health. It arrests hair fall and encourages hair growth. Additionally, it is a natural hair conditioner that conditions the hair, leaving it super soft, silky, and tangle-free.
It also helps to reduce split ends and prevents further hair damage.
Please try this rice water recipe and let me know how your hair reacts.

Your valuable feedback is always appreciated.

Hope! You found this blog helpful.

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