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tea tree oil for hair: 5 best remedies, benefits, hair growth & more

Tea tree is an incredible oil that acts as a multitasking oil. This oil is an extraction from the tea tree, which is native to Australia. This therapeutic oil offers miraculous benefits and has the potency to treat various ailments. Tea tree essential oil is a traditional medicine used for centuries.
From treating acne to supporting oral health, this oil is an all-rounder.
To remove dandruff and clear your scalp, try this evergreen ingredient.

In recent years, this essential oil has gained popularity in skin care and hair care.
In this blog, I will share the incredible benefits of tea tree oil and how to include them in you hair care regime.
Read the blog till the end to get complete insight before incorporating it into your hair care regime.

Tea tree oil benefits for hair

Tea tree oil for hair,
hair growth,
tea tree shampoo for dandruff, 
tea tree oil benefits for hair

Tea tree oil offers numerous benefits in hair care, including:

Promotes healthy scalp

Hair growth activity requires a healthy scalp. Tea tree oil possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties that combat bacteria and fungal growth on the scalp.

Bacterial and fungal growth on the scalp often causes dandruff and itchiness, leading to hair loss. So, regular use of tea tree oil promotes a healthy scalp.

Stimulates hair growth

Tea tree oil improves blood circulation, which, in turn, stimulates hair follicles, further encouraging hair growth. It nourishes the scalp, promoting healthy and resilient hair.

Soothes irritated scalp

Inflammation often irritates the scalp and causes hair loss. Tea tree oil contains potent anti-inflammatory properties that reduce scalp inflammation and soothe an irritated scalp.

Reduces dandruff

Adds shine and volume:

Tea tree oils remove build-up from the scalp and hair, resulting in cleaner and shinier hair. You can also use tea tree oil as a leave-in conditioner, which will leave hair more soft, manageable and less prone to breakage.

How effective is tea tree oil for hair?

Tea tree is an incredible evergreen ingredient for treating scalp issues like dandruff, fungal infection, bacterial growth, itchiness, inflammation, etc. All these scalp conditions often lead to hair fall or temporary hair loss.

The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties of tea tree oil clear up the scalp and create a healthy environment for rapid hair growth.

According to experts, four weeks of regular use of tea tree oil can give noticeable results in clearing the scalp.

Ways to use tea tree oil for hair

tea tree oil for a healthy scalp

Ingredients: tea tree essential oil, carrier oil


  • Take any carrier oil of your choice into a bowl and mix the tea tree oil into it.


  • Apply the mixture evenly on the scalp and massage for 10-15 minutes.
  • Use this hair oil 2-3 times a week for healthy scalp and hair.

Tea tree hair tonic for hair growth

Ingredients: clove, rosemary leaves, tea tree essential oil


  • Gather some dried rosemary leaves and cloves.
  • Take a pan and add some water. Once the water starts boiling, put rosemary leaves and cloves into the water.
  • Let it simmer so that the water can absorb the nutrients. Wait for 20-25 minutes and turn down the flame.
  • Once the water comes down, strain the water into a bowl.
  • Add a few drops of tea tree essential oil into the water, and your hair growth tonic is ready.
  • Transfer the hair tonic into a spray bottle and store it.


  • Detangle hair before applying this tonic.
  • Spray this tonic evenly on the scalp and massage gently until it gets dry.
  • To encourage hair growth activity, use this hair growth tonic twice every day.
  • Note: Always make this hair growth tonic in a small batch to maintain its effectiveness and freshness.

Tea tree hair mask for soft, shiny hair

Ingredients: yoghurt and tea tree essential oil


  • Take some fresh yoghurt and whisk it well so that it does not have any lumps. Add a few drops of essential oil into the yoghurt and mix it; Your DIY hair mask for soft, shiny hair is ready.


  • Detangle your hair and slightly dampen it with water.
  • Apply the hair mask, covering the entire length (from root to tip).
  • Wait for 30-40 minutes and wash it off with regular shampoo.
  • Use this hair mask 1-2 times every week to get the results.

Tea tree oil as leave-in conditioner:

Tea tree oil for hair,
hair growth,
tea tree shampoo for dandruff, 
tea tree oil benefits for hair

Ingredients: tea tree oil, distilled water, vitamin E capsules and a spray bottle


  • Take a spray bottle and add 50-100 ml of water. Put some drops of tea tree essential oil. You can also add 2-3 Vitamin E capsules for extra nourishment. Shake the bottle well and store it.


  • After washing your hair, once it is 50-60% dry, spray it throughout the entire length, as this will act as a natural conditioner, nourishing your hair.
  • Besides, it will act as a hair perfume and provide a therapeutic effect throughout the day.

Tea tree shampoo for dandruff

  • You can use Tea Tree essential oil with your regular shampoo. For that, add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to your regular shampoo and apply, or you can also purchase shampoo with 5% tea tree essential oil. This can help you with stubborn dandruff.

Tips before buying tree tea oil

  • Always buy essential oil from a reputed brand, and do not forget to check the reviews.
  • Do not buy infused tea tree oil; instead, purchase 100% pure and natural tea tree essential oil.

Side effects of tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is safe and is used as recommended.
Always Perform a patch test before applying tea tree oil to check if you have any sensitivity.

All essential oils are concentrated, and dilution is required before use. Using essential oils with dilution can irritate your scalp, leading to hair fall.

Tea tree oil for hair: Frequently Asked Questions

Is tea tree oil safe for all hair types?

Yes, tea tree oil is safe for all hair types. However, it is necessary to perform a patch test before using it to prevent irritation.
Do not forget to dilute the tea tree oil before using.

Can I use tea tree oil directly on my scalp?

Do not use tea tree oil without dilution. Using tea tree oil in undiluted form can cause scalp irritation. You can dilute it with any form such as oil, water, hair mask, etc.

Can tea trees help with hair growth?

There is no such evidence that tea trees directly help with hair growth. It improves blood circulation, clears up the scalp, strengthens the hair follicles and creates an optimal environment for the scalp to encourage hair growth.

Should I leave tea tree oil on my scalp overnight?

If you are using tea tree oil in a diluted form, such as a hair tonic or hair oil, you can leave it overnight.


In this blog, I have tried to cover some of the vital questions on tea tree oil, such as how to use it, how effective tea tree oil is, side effects and many more. Read the blog to get the complete information so that you don’t misuse it. To keep your scalp clean and healthy, you must try tree tea oil. This essential oil will keep dandruff and lies away and additionally will provide a therapeutic effect to your body and mind. For noticeable results, please try this oil consistently for a month or two. After that, you can gradually decrease using it to 2-3 times every week for maintenance.

Please share your thoughts on this blog.

Hope! You found this blog helpful.

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