wooden comb for hair, wooden comb benefits, wooden comb side effects, why to use wooden comb for hair

How To Use Wooden Comb For Hair The Right Way( 2024 Guide)

Are you aiming to achieve shiny, tangle-free, beautiful hair? If so, this blog is customed for you. Hair is a crucial element in our lives, and to maintain its vitality, we invest in expensive products, but one of the essential things we don’t focus on is hair combing. Just by combing our hair correctly, we can make a significant difference.

In this fast-paced environment, we become so immersed in work that we sometimes neglect self-care. Unhealthy diet, stress, insomnia, and lack of body movement affects aggressively. Continuing this lifestyle, we constantly encounter severe health conditions that ultimately impact our hair.

Hair is one of the confidence-boosting factors in today’s engaging lifestyle, but it has become problematic to maintain. Here I have a solution for you. Sometimes “less is more”! And this solution will cost you a penny. All you need is to take some minutes from your day, and you will be ready to experience the miraculous change in your hair.

Today, I will be talking about hair combing. Well, it might sound crazy for some people to think how it could change the hair, but trust me when I implemented this technique, I noticed a significant difference.

hair combing

Combing is a daily practice that we engage in, through our scalp and hair to remove tangles and style them.

Which material comb should we use for hair growth?

These days, comb comes in different materials like plastic, metal, ox-horn, and carbon fibre.

But one of the most effective material to comb our hair is wood. Using a wooden comb would double the benefits of combing hair.

wooden comb for hair, wooden comb benefits, wooden comb side effects, why to use wooden comb for hair, hair growth

Wooden comb benefits for hair

  • Combing hair does not always mean removing tangles and styling it. Combing hair has immense benefits when using it in the right way.
  • Combing hair with wooden comb promotes blood circulation.
  • Wooden Comb stimulates and distributes the natural oil that our scalp produces to retain moisture and prevent irritation.
  • Wooden womb helps exfoliate the scalp.
  • combing with an wooden comb relaxes our body.
  • Using wooden comb makes the scalp healthy and promotes hair growth.
  • Choosing a wooden comb over plastic or any other material would be an excellent decision.

Why to use wooden comb for hair?

Reasons one should start using a wooden comb are:


Wood is eco-friendly. so choosing an eco-friendly option would be more sustainable.

Promotes hair growth

Using a wooden comb helps distribute the hair’s natural oil evenly on the scalp and provides nourishment, which is crucial for promoting hair growth.

Improves blood circulation

Wooden comb promotes blood circulation on the scalp for hair growth.

Reduces breakage

It causes less friction during hair de-tangling, resulting in less hair fall. It prevents hair breakage as it is soft on both scalp and hair.

Controls oiliness of the scalp

Regular use of a wooden comb makes hair less greasy than other plastic or any material comb.

Provides shine

Using wooden comb gives bounce to the hair and makes it shiny.

I hope the list of benefits are valid enough to start using the wooden comb to experience optimum benefits.

wooden comb according to your hair type.

  • If you have straight hair, You should use a fine-toothed wooden comb.
  • If you are a wavy or curly-head person, investing in a wide-toothed wooden comb would be helpful. However, different kinds of wooden comb are available in the market. Feel free to choose according to your convenience.

wooden comb side effects for hair

Those who are experiencing any scalp infection, thick dandruff or very oily scalp, must avoid a wooden comb because using a wooden comb in that case may attract bacteria, fungus or oil.

Pre-hair detangling guide before using wooden comb

Here are a few pre-combing tips that would help you with less hair breakage.

wooden comb for hair, wooden comb benefits, wooden comb side effects, why to use wooden comb for hair, hair growth
  • Section your hair and gently start running your fingers through the hair. This would help you remove the big knots.
  • Additionally, you can apply few drops of any light weight oil on your hair as a serum for effortless hair combing. This will provide you with nourishment to the dry ends and less breakage.

How to use the hair comb, the right way

  • Depending on the length, start with the ends and slowly go upward.
  • Remove the knots patiently to prevent breakage.
  • Once the knots are removed, start combing your scalp and run the comb through the entire length.
  • Comb your scalp for a few minutes to stimulate the blood circulation.
  • Ensure that the comb touches each and even part of the scalp. This will improve circulation and distribute the natural oil evenly on the scalp.

How many times should you comb hair?

As we have seen, combing hair has many advantages, but too much of anything is harmful. Coming hair frequently irritates the scalp, resulting in hair breakage and hall fall.

It is recommended to comb hair 2 times a day, once in the morning and once at night.

wooden comb for hair, wooden comb benefits, wooden comb side effects, why to use wooden comb for hair, hair growth

Additional tips to prevent hair fall

  • Experts always suggests not to use comb in wet hair.
  • Use a tooth comb while combing damp hair.
  • Never use a comb aggressively on the scalp.
  • Protect your hair from sun exposure during the peak hours.

How To Use Wooden Comb For Hair The Right Way: Frequently Asked Questions

Are wooden combs suitable for all hair types?

Yes, the wooden comb is suitable for all hair types. No matter how straight or curly your hair is, you can use a wooden comb.

How often should I use a wooden comb?

You can use a wooden comb twice every day to detangle hair and improve blood circulation on the scalp.
Avoid excessive hair combing to prevent scalp damage.

Can I use a wooden comb on wet hair?

Combing fully wet hair is not advisable. However, once your hair gets partially dry, you can use a wooden comb for detangling, but be extra gentle with your hair.

Can I use a wooden comb to reduce frizz?

Yes, a wooden comb reduces friction. Wooden comb reduces friction and is static in the hair.

What type of wooden comb is good for hair?

Combs made out of neem are food for hair as neem is antibacterial.


In this blog, I have shared the benefits of using wooden comb, how to choose wooden comb according to hair type, who should avoid using wooden comb, how to use the wooden comb to experience maximum benefits.

Remember, healthy hair starts from within, so maintaining a balanced diet, staying hydrated, and using quality hair care products will also contribute to your hair’s vitality. By implementing these combing techniques and holistic hair care practices, you can enjoy a head full of hair that’s not only confidence-boosting but also healthy and vibrant.

Do let me know your thoughts on this blog.

Hope! You found this blog helpful.

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